The Project

Project FOXY is a 2.5D solo platformer game where you follow the adventure of a Yokai Fox named Kurama accross four Islands cursed by the four seasons.

Four Islands
Four Curses

The game contains four Islands to explore. Each Island is cursed with a specific season.
These Islands are composed of an hub world an four platforms level. Explore levels, help people, resolve little quests and free each Island from its curse.

Winter Island

It is a stylized cartoon game in a East Asian Universe. The game take its inspiration in games like Mario, Donkey Kong, Ori, Yooka Laylee, Sonic Colors, Goemon's Great Adventure, etc.

Unreal Engine
Winter Island

The Game is made with Unreal Engine 4. Thanks to many functionalities and the great community of the 3D Engine, the process of making game is quick and simplified.

Intended Platforms

The Game is still in development and will be released on mobile platforms and Nintendo Switch.

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