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After a little break, I am back on the progress of the game. The game moved on the 4.26 version of Unreal Engine and some progress were made on the gameplay mechanics, the enemy and the third level of the Spring world.
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I am proud to announce you that the DEVLOG about "Project Foxy" is arrived. Here will be added all update concerning the project development and everything related to it. A comment section exists if you want to talk about the project.
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Thank you ! I am back from my holiday. The game dev is back at 100 % !


Hey I love what you’ve done. I wish you and Kurama all the success! :)

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Thank you ! Do not hesitate to test the prototype if you want to. The link to the prototype is on the facebook page. Feedback are welcomed !


Aw I absolutely love this, hope it does well

Ashley Mason

So excited for ProjectFoxy!